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About Jehovah Reigns

Jehovah Reigns is a ministry truly born of the loins of the Holy Ghost. It is founded and rooted in the word of truth, which brings transformative power to the lives of those that will receive it. In our pursuit to be like ‘’Christ’’, we receive every person that walks through our doors with understanding that within themselves is the hidden light of Jesus, awaiting to be manifested. As a ministry, we are called to challenge, change, influence and position lives through preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. This means that we avail our hearts totally to the leading, conviction and guidance of the Holy Spirit. The truth is that no man made gimmicks can ever transform a soul that is truly lost, except the power of the Holy Spirit. Over and above uncompromising teaching of the gospel, it is our belief that JR needs to get to the level where our conduct towards one another affirms the Christ in us. Right living, holiness in the fear of the Lord is what sustains the Christ in us. As a ministry, we are proudly a city set on a hill for all to bestow the light of Jesus in us, never to be hidden [Matthew 5:14]. When our lives are practical testimonies to kingdom truths, half the “Great Commission” assignment shall have been won. Learn More


Prophetic School

The prophetic realm is rarely understood. And because of this lack of understanding, it has been hijacked by many who are not necessarily prophets, but have raised themselves as prophets. Because of this “stigma”, many have shied away from the very foundations of how God used to speak and Read More.


The encounter is one programme that initiates the new believer in to the lifestyle of being a christian. I call it a diagnostic analysis of where every person once found themselves in their journey of lives prior to being encountered by God. It is a tight weekend programme that unearths every type of sin one can ever think of…Read More


The intensive deliverance program, famously known as the IDP is one very deep program that deals with generational foundations that inform and thus influence our lives, leaving us completely confused and not enjoying our new life in Christ. This 6 day program involves teaching, praise and worship…Read More

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