"As He is, so are We"

Jehovah Reigns is peculiar ministry under the leadership of prophetess Cindy. Peculiar because around this stalwart of God, shines so brightly the light of the Master, that darkness either flees or is completely confounded. The Prophetess is sold out to God and her heart weeps when she looks at the state of the body of Christ in general.”It is void of the real thing, the real love and deep compassion for the people of God”… So she says.

Under the voice of the prophetess is truth that pierces the heart. It is either you receive, love it and allow it to change your heart or reject the messenger. Her mouth is like a literal sword that cuts deep into the heart of a sinner and yet she is full of love for God’s people. She is a prophetic teacher and many destinies have been influenced by the Word of God, the voice of the Holy Spirit through her ministration. The Prophetess carries a governmental anointing that speaks to the spiritual order in the realm of the spirit. She candidly would say that she fear no demon nor principality because of the God she serve. God’s power, grace and mercy are too real. Only fools believe in other gods.

The Prophetess believes in manifold wisdom of God that gets administered by the Holy Spirit. at any given point in time, in His presence, the Holy Spirit heals the people of God, many who are sick at different levels. “ I never want to box God, Thrive in NO gift, but I am only a vessel and extension cord that  he would use as He wills”.

Prophetess Cindy engages at different levels and depths, in pursuit of the only thing she knows is able to set man free; truth! In her words; “ until we become one with truth, life in all its different dimensions remain a series of incompleteness, unhappiness and ultimately pain and lots of regrets”. She has a candid application of the word of God. her bare it all approach allows others to pursue a life of truth, love and integrity. She challenges one to reach their full potential in their spiritual and personal lives. She is unashamed to use her life as part of her teachings.

Prophetess Cindy is a holy busy bee. She has and were different hats, which can be accessed via her other sites [ www.cindyministries.com/hsluxuruyline.co.za/www.cindyinternational.com]. Prophetess Cindy is an entrepreneur, author and she has published many book including the infamous Rusted Keys Don’t Work. She is also a wife and a mother.