Ministry of Helps

Jehovah Reigns Worship Centre seeks to stay relevant to the needs of the community, touching and changing lives of the less fortunate through Christ. Just as Jesus fed the multitudes, we recognise that people are poor, hungry , desire skills for self empowerment; require knowledge of Christ , government & market systems, programmes and resources. The availability of empowering resources, skills etc will enable them to make a meaning and fulfilling living. Christ came so that we can live in full restoration, to that initial dominion we were given by Jehovah.

Under the leadership and guidance of Prophetess Cindy Mabaso, our Jehovah Reigns Worship Centre Community Outreach program has thus focused on the following projects:

Food parcels & Clothing: We welcome contributions of such items as clothing and non perishable foods. These are given to the needy as and when needed.

The ministry also works on the Five Thousand Foundation established by Prophetess Cindy which seeks to empower single mothers and children who are without parents. In the event that you are keen to assist, the office can be contacted for further engagement.

Contact us on or 078 560 1234.