The women ministry plays a key role in Jehovah Reigns Worship Centre as it was the initial vehicle that God used when He called the Prophetess Cindy into ministry. The call of God upon her life presented itself as a passion that was geared towards the emancipation of women. This passion led to a women conference and developed into a series called; “Woman, You Need this KEY”. But soon it became evident that the desire to speak about the good news couldn’t wait for special occasions only, but that it was in-fact a deeper need to see the liberation of God’s people. And Jehovah Reigns Worship Centre was born, catering for all species and genders.

At the core of this ministry is the Prophetess’ strong faith that all is possible with and in God! The liberation of homes, peace in our communities and in the nation is believed by the Prophetess to be in the hands of God fearing women. God establishes and positions women who fear Him, who take cues and wisdom to run their homes from Him. To this end, Jehovah Reigns Worship Centre has heard and seen practical examples of homes and relationships being restored through the unconventional teachings of the Prophetess. She has boldly used her own life experiences, shifting the mindset of the worldly liberated woman to that of Godly liberation, and this shift has seen her own very household entering and remaining constantly in the peace that surpasses all understanding.

We seek to awaken the Proverbs 31 Woman. These are women who, more than anything else seek God, Love God, are achievers in Christ, conquerors in the market place and are builders of their homes, communities and Society for the Glory of Jehovah God. We consider our Women as Women of High Standing.

What this ministry offers

  • Yearly conferences
  • Prayer sessions
  • Marriage counselling & grooming of young ladies.

©You want to be confident, know your story and have a sound mind as a woman of high standing?
Jehovah Reigns Worship Centre is the place for you. Material written by Prophetess Cindy is the way to go.
Don’t miss the yearly conferences; they will shake you out of your comfort zone!
Contact details: 0785601234 or email info@jehovah-reigns.co.za

With Prophetess Cindy